April 3, 2018
April 24, 2018


12/1/18: Lloyd has passed away. We Misfits wanted Lloyd to live life to the fullest during the twilight of his life. With the help of his fabulous foster-mom, Stephanie, he had. Run free little man. We will meet again.

Update: Lloyd was married to our misfittish one-eyed elderly beagle, Abby!

10/2/18: Lloyd continues to be a happy Misfit though his tumor is growing. Lloyd and Abby (misfitish one-eyed beagle) will be getting married. Check out the 315 Brewing date we have posted on facebook and join the fun!

8/6/18: Lloyd had a birthday party and some Misfit alumni showed up! There was Levi and Chevelle! Also,  a new friend Eddie! Plus, Lloyd’s girlfriend Abigail was there;)

7/24/18: Lloyd had a “spa-day”!!

Update 7/15/18: tomorrow, Lloyd will be at “Ye Olde Clipper” in Syracuse from 5p-8pm for a non-profit fundraising event for us Misfits. Stay tuned!

Lloyd is a sweet senior beagle. Poor Lloyd has some tumors and is hearing and vision impaired. We will have a prognosis soon. Lloyd is great with kids, cats, and dogs. Because Lloyd is old and slow, it would be preferable that he has a quiet house.

Update 5/17/18: Unfortunately, Lloyd does have cancer. We Misfits have decided to make Lloyd’s last moments on Earth a beagle’s dream!! Stay tuned for pictures/stories of Lloyds Most Excellent Beagle Dream!!!

Update 6/2/18: Us Misfits and Lloyd’s excellent foster and Leann (good friend and fellow animal lover)

took Lloyd and Abigail (misfitish one-eyed elderly beagle who just happen to be single;)) on a boating trip and some swimming at sunset. We think Lloyd and Abby like each other:)

7/18: Lloyd has been a guest at a Rottie Rescue here in NY; ate at Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse, NY; attended the Brewerton Speedway and rode in the pace car!; and spent some time at the Cherry Fest!

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