November 4, 2018
December 10, 2018


7/24: After much time, Missy has been adopted.

2/20: Missy is doing well and will be ready for surgery soon. Her foster says:”Missy loves dry food with canned food/broth. A home-made treat recipe is available. She loves it! She does well with parents who are home a lot or can have her travel with them. She is afraid of small kids and hides from them. She seems to get overwhelmed when there are many other pets. She would do well with 1 or 2 quiet pets or alone.. She does chase cats so, if you have a dog-savvy cat, she might be ok. Otherwise, no cats. She is slow to trust but is not nippy.”  Can you blame her?

Missy is our newest Misfit. She is 12 yo. She has a broken left leg, in two places. Her owner died and she was living alone since September. Imagine the pain and confusion. Specialists have told us the amputation is necessary. She loves human connection and is good with cats and other dogs. Because of her delicate situation, she will only be adopted to someone who can handle and respect her losses which includes her leg.

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