Duke (the sheep dog)

April 7, 2019
May 5, 2019

Duke (the sheep dog)

5/17: We were in contact with the wonderful people at the New England¬† Old English Sheepdog Rescue. NEOESR were so kind to take over care and take in Duke. We Misfits love our “damaged” animals and we promise to care and love the animals we take in. In this case, we knew Duke would get expert care more than we could provide. We are happy that Duke is now in better hands. Thank you NEOE SR!

5/5: Duke (the sheepdog) is a very sweet @ 2 year-old boy. Duke was neglected and required some serious grooming as you can see below. Duke gets along with other dogs and is potty-trained. He had surgery on one of his back legs should heal well but the other back leg has a severe dislocation that unfortunately can not be surgically repaired. He will always have a limp so Duke will not be able to walk long.

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