August 1, 2019
September 13, 2019


12/29/19: Sonny is doing well. Sonny is available for adoption. Sonny is sweet but he is dog selective and shouldn’t be around cats or young kids. He had a rough life so he loves a calm and quiet home.

11/10: Sonny had his surgery and is doing quite well with some hearing restored! He is good with other dogs mostly so a meet and greet will be necessary. Sonny is ready for adoption.

10/15:  Sonny has been on prednisone  and antibiotics and the veterinarian believes Sonny may be able to hear again. We may be able to restore some of Sonny’s hearing with a surgery that removes the cartilage from the ear that is blocking Sonny’s ability to hear. We will let you know how this works. If we Misfits can improve a Misfit’s life, we will.

10/5: Sonny is living large. He’s such a good boy!

9/12: Sonny is doing well and his eyes and skin are healing well.


Adoptable Sonny enjoying the beautiful weather today at his foster home. For more information email

Posted by Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary on Sunday, August 25, 2019

9/6/19: Meet Sonny! Sonny was a stray @ 15 years old mostly blind and deaf. This big guy gets along with dogs and people. We don’t know how he reacts to cats and kids at this time.  Even though he is old and blind/deaf, he sure is a fun sweet boy! We will know more as he settles-in at his foster home.

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