August 7, 2019
November 10, 2019


12/28/19:Duke has had some improvement and will continue his medications. However, the veterinarian believes his prognosis is poor but not exactly hospice. If you are interested in giving Duke a loving home for his twilight years, please contact us Misfits.

11/10: Duke had tumors removed and is healing well. Mercifully, the tests thus far show no bad cancers.

10/15:  Duke will be placed on antibiotics for gallbladder issues and a possible de-bulking of his tumor. Re-assessments after the antibiotic course will let us know if Duke will need further treatment. We will keep you informed.

10/5: Duke seems to get along with everyone including cats, dogs, kids. A recent ultrasound seems to suggest he may have to have surgery. His foster loves him! Again, we will know more soon.

9/2019: Duke is a sweet old-boy who is a happy old guy who just wants the simple things in life. He does have some kind of tumor on one of his back legs that veterinarians believe should be just left alone. We will know more soon after some more tests.

Duke enjoying the nice day at his foster home. We are waiting for his results and determining course of action for his leg. But he is a happy boy!

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