Dangle (aka Robert)

January 6, 2020
Mae (Grace)
January 7, 2020

Dangle (aka Robert)

5/2/20: Robert and his sister, Grace, are adopted TOGETHER!! The go on hikes, share beds, and will live their golden years together!!

4/5/20: Robert and his sister, Grace, are still waiting for their forever home. Due to the pandemic though, they will continue to live large at their awesome foster home.

1/29/20: Robert had his tumour removed as well as his..he was neutered. He is doing very well.

1/16/20: Robert is doing well.  Next week Robert will be neutered and have the tumor removed. Robert is good with other dogs and loves his sister, Grace. See Grace in other slide. Grace and Robert are sleeping together in the bottom picture.

1/7/20: The female companion’s name is Mae (soon to be Grace). She was returned so Robert will be travelling to us with Grace. See Grace’s bio next slide.

This is Dangle (will be re-named Robert) is a senior hound mix who was found stray with a female companion. She was adopted but Robert was left behind. Robert has a dangling tumour which will be addressed soon. We will know more about Robert soon. Watch for updates.

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