November 10, 2019
Dangle (aka Robert)
January 6, 2020




6/2020: Oscar lived the best life. Unfortunately, Oscar passed on. 4 months of love is what Oscar will remember. Run on buddy. We will catch up.

2/12/20: Oscar has been adopted. We Misfits are incredibly grateful to all of you who have helped move Oscar out of an abusive home to now a loving home. This is what he deserves!

1/16/20:  Oscar is doing well. Oscar will be treated for thyroid, kidney, and a scratched eye issues. In spite of his traumatic past, Oscar remains a sweet and kind and playful guy!

This is Oscar! Oscar is an 11 year-old Cairn terrier. Oscar was given-up by a family that neglected him and essentially abused him. Oscar is sweet, fun, loves other dogs, good around kids who know how to treat an animal, and we are unsure about his reaction around cats. You will love this sweetheart!

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