January 30, 2020
Opie (Sheltie mix)
March 11, 2020


2/23/20: Scarlet had made it through surgery and 9 pups were born. As of this writing, only 1 pup survived. Scarlet began to struggle to breathe and we could not let her suffer anymore. We tried everything possible. Once the damage is done, it can NOT be undone. We will miss her.

2/13/20: Scarlet is a treeing walker coonhound who was discarded when she needed us the most. She has some heart damage from heart worms and was quite sick and emaciated. She has been on medications to help her and she is gaining weight. The problems are that she is at high risk already and giving birth will be dangerous. Another problem is that the medications she is on may negatively impact her pups (deformities, still-births, etc.). We will have a veterinarian and a veterinary tech on-call. Thank you to Jodi at Kirkville Animal Rescue and Education ( ) here in upstate NY!

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