Opie (Sheltie mix)

February 14, 2020
March 11, 2020

Opie (Sheltie mix)

5/2: Well, as it happens with us animal fosters, Opie’s foster mom adopted Opie. Opie could not be in any better hands! Congratulations buddy!

4/5/20: Opie gets along with many dogs. Opie also gets along with cats. He is a playful sweet little guy!

Adoptable Opie

Adoptable Opie enjoying time outside playing in the snow. He is approx 4 yrs old, good with other dogs. Due to his past situation of abuse, an experienced dog owner would be best and no small children. He is a very smart dog.

Posted by Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Opie is @ 4 year-old Sheltie-mix who is highly intelligent and enjoys learning new tricks. He gets along with all dogs. Opie was adopted from a shelter as a puppy and was then found abandoned 3.5 years later. He has fear issues particularly closed areas and having his neck grabbed. All we see is a happy and playful guy!

Opie enjoying some exercise

Yesterday we welcomed Opie. Opie was adopted as a puppy about 4 years ago from a shelter. Recently, he was found abandoned in an apartment. He had been there for a few weeks. Our foster will be working with Opie to overcome his fear of people, fear of his neck touched, and fear of the vet's office. He got some much needed exercise yesterday.We will keep you posted on this handsome boys progress.

Posted by Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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