Opie (Sheltie mix)
March 11, 2020
March 21, 2020


6/3/20: Sal is growing and becoming a fine young man.

4/21: Sal is adopted by his awesome foster! We knew he was a bright star and he belongs with the best. Congratulations little buddy!

4/5/20: Sal is a survivor. He is Scarlet’s last surviving boy. He is Scarlet’s legacy.


A little Sal to brighten your day!

Posted by Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary on Tuesday, April 7, 2020


3/21/20: Sal is growing and seems quite healthy. 2+ pounds!!

3/11/20: Sal is a boy puppy who was born by emergent C-section to another of our Misfits, Scarlet. Scarlet and 9 of her puppies had died since the c-section. Because of the steroids, antibiotics, and anti-parasitics that Scarlet had to take, her puppies were not expected to survive. But, Sal is the sole survivor. Sal is growing well!

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