About Us

About Us

Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c(3) based out of Central, New York, was founded in 2017 and is run by Maureen Davison and Aaron Hopkins.

We save the toughest dogs/cats to place; those with serious medical conditions, paralyzed, deaf and blind, severely emaciated, neurological deficits & disease, injuries and orthopedic issues ... the animals that nobody else wants; the animals that would otherwise be euthanized.

We make each dog/cat feel as though they are someone’s pet. We do not believe in pulling a dog from a shelter, only to put it in another shelter environment. Not only do we give these dogs/cats a place to live, but we work diligently with them, socializing them, training them, rehabilitating them, and providing whatever extensive and costly medical care they require. New York State Rescue registration number: RR213

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Board Members
Maureen Davison- President
Aaron Hopkins- Vice President
Kelly Vollmer- Treasurer
Tania Sokolowski
Matt Phillips
Christine Phillips
Butch Hall